The Ayling’s Royal Challenge Cup (or Ayling’s Challenge Cup, its original name pre-dating royal patronage) is an annual sprint regatta taking place at Dangan slip, Galway, with the 2019 edition on the 3rd of August. This year’s first race will commence at 13:00 sharp, so it’s advised to be at Dangan at 12.00 for declarations, followed by the coxes weigh-in. There will be a limited time to register at 12:00 for any spicy new crews that forget to pre-register online. For full registration details, please see the bottom of this page. Online registration closes at midnight on Thursday the 1st of August, and an email specifying all details will be sent out to all those registered the following day. This will include the draw and all relevant information, so pre-registering is muy bien for everybody. ARCC IV will consist of match racing in touring quads over a distance of 400m, alongside the Dangan Sports Grounds (same as always). For more information about the ARCC read the 'About' section on our Facebook page or slide in my our DM’s. Competitors will pay a small entry fee of €10, with all profits going towards the Bone Marrow for Leukaemia Trust. Over €2000 has been donated to BMLT so far and they are extremely grateful to all competitors. You can check out BMLT’s work here: Bonemarrow Facebook page. A bucket collection will also take place for those who would like to donate but don't wish to race. For anyone who can't make it to the event but would still like to donate, you can do so by clicking on this link: Check out the work they do here: Bonemarrow Facebook page. Fundraising campaign. Finally, ARCC attire is strongly encouraged. The coveted Pamplemousse and associated prizes will be awarded to the winning crew, as well as certain prizes to other deserving competitors. We hope you can make it! Pila Est In Atrium


The regatta was first staged in 2015 and proved successful. However, due to acute onset alcoholism the following year in the organising committee, the 2016 meet was abandoned. At the regatta’s inception, it was intended for professional pintmen rather than those who gatted at an amateur level. At this inaugural race, competitors raced in primitive rowing boats known now as ‘coxless pairs’. The regatta is regarded as part of the Irish social season with over 200 people attending in 2018. As with other events in the season, the regatta has strict dress codes. For a full list of previous winners please check out our Facebook page.

Family run event

Here at ARCC we wanted to keep the Pamplemousse in the family. It has been passed down from generation to generation, each oarsman desperately searching for their slice of the Pineapple. Special shoutout to Alex Chadfield who was awarded the spirit of the ARCC in 2017 and brought a clan of Clonmelions to Galway, one of which went on to row the boat, famously named The Big Young Fellas, with a Portora feen to become champions.


The nightlife surrounding the ARCC is an absolute must! Be sure to pre-order those bottles of buckfast well in advance as every year Londis sells out. Traditionally most athletes buy the two bottles for twenty euro deal (Update 2017: Due to inflation the deal is now two for twenty two) and then have one bottle each for optimal value. If Eamo could stop putting holes in the ceiling of 44 for one second maybe there'll be an after sesh. I just wanna chill with the bois. ****Due to numerous strongly worded complaints, fine wines in Spanish arch have brought back the 2 for 20 deal on buckfast (circa 2018)