Athlete Bios

Big Lad

Ewall 'Lebron' Tuite

Weight: 95 - 105kg (Depending how deep into Pot week I am)
Height: 5'11 (6ft on nights out)
Bio: Reigning ARCC Champ.
Will happily drink cans until I die, just for the laugh.
Bless up SJ.

Sorcha O'Donnell

Age: 20
Weight: Big Lad
Height: 5'8
Bio: Getting roasted by Sandra is my forté
Front Door is like my family
The birds work for the bourgeoisie

Conor Flynn

Age: 22
Weight: 100kg
Height: 6'7
Bio: Bollix
Reigning softest man on the pub crawl each year
Certified shitetalker


Age: 1M in dog years
Weight: 12kg
Height: 2ft
Bio: Club mascot.
Literally made shit of the slip last year.
Responds to rhetorical questions such as: Who is a good boy?


Age: 22
Weight: 0kg
Height: 5'9
Bio: Threatened to sue over photo even though this is for charity.
Big Boris Johnson fan.
Loves a clean home


Age: 20
Height: 5'9
Weight: 75kg
Bio: Big Gaymo wannabe. No one understands what I say ever.
Not a good gatter. Just here for a good time.
I work in a gay bar. Nathan Duffy can’t Minecraft


Age: 24
Height: 5'6
Weight: Fat Lightweight
Bio: Won S4- without knowing how to feather my blade.
Zodiac sign is cancer.
Reigning ARCC champion cox.


Age: 18
Height: 5'10
Weight: 75kg but look like 85kg
Bio: Interior designer from Killarney
Moved to the big smoke of Galway to be closer to my life partner, Marcussssss


Age: 20
Height: Extra Medium
Weight: Before or after my lasagne and garlic bread?
Bio: Human embodiment of the devil himself. Find me in the Bialann skipping lectures or napping in Wellpark (I don’t work for the man). In my opinion solid navy onepieces are most flattering, change my mind

Big Davo

Age: 20
Height: 6'4
Weight: 93kg
Bio: If you blink twice or stutter I’ll assume you’re spoofing. Getting fat is easy don’t make excuses as I’ve heard it all, just do it! Pm me for special shell work for filippi boats. I only carry out this work in Seville.


Age: 75
Height: 5'12
Weight: 57.5kg
Bio: Newfound pioneer.
Enjoy a bit of coronation street while all my friends go gatting.
I have a Union Jack tramostamp.


Age: Twenny
Height: Taller than Kai
Weight: 90kg or 160 pints of Guinness
Bio: Tried the rowing craic for a bit, but couldn’t deny my true calling of becoming Ireland’s Greatest Pintman.
Find me in the Buskers smoking area on any given Saturday.
I’ll drink you all under the table if I have to. ARCC 2017 - Stunt of the Year ARCC 2018 - Best Gatter


Age: 20
Height: Pythagorean
Weight: Lightweight with 3 days advanced notice.
Bio: Nothings tastes as good as winning club 4 feels. If you want to tag me in photos you have to speak to my lawyers first. I may not look it, but I’m from limerick


Age: 18
Height: 6'2
Weight: 78kg
Bio: Wannabe hard gatter
Has a 50% success rate of getting into the Roisin
Exactly what it says on the tin


Weight: Usually if you catch something my size, you throw it back in the river.
Bio: Look at me, I am the captain now... enjoys a 3rd wheel strawberry daiquiri to sooth the soul after a hard night gatting. Makes good toast

El Capiân

Age: 21, but the order of the number depends on the situation
Height: 7'90
Bio: Big family man. I was a fan of Carbon in a previous life, but I’ve come to terms with my age and now reside in Buskers (Rollie Lane mostly). Sometimes we choose the road we follow. And sometimes the road chooses us. Past winner of the ARCC although some doubt the nature of the win; but idgaf cause I’m a winner. For me, success is getting what I want; but happiness is wanting what I get. Big fan of wine (made by monks or the Alidi lady idm). Mushrooms and too little salt on my scran are big dislikes.


Age: 22
Height: 5'7
Bio: Can crush a watermelon between my quads.
Peanut butter makes everything taste better.
Will sell you a bag of sycamore leaves on tic


Age: 20
Height: 5'8
Bio: Claregalway is the Jerusalem of Ireland
Mam bought my naggin
When the cats away the mice will play


Age: 20
Height: We could not take Ciara's height measurements because she never gets off her knees.
Weight: 34D
Bio: Full of myself but still hungry


Age: 16

Single Sadhbh

Age: 22
Height: Taller than the bouncer in the front door that’s for sure
Weight: 34D
Bio: UCDo me?


Age: 24
Height: 4'35
Weight: Back so heavy from carrying Single Sadhbh's fat ass to 3 championships
Bio: Can I get uhhh 2 numba 9s a numba 9 large, a numba 6 with extra dip, a numba 7, two numba 45s, one with cheese, and a laaarrrggee soda

Dirty Ailbhe

Age: 23
Height: 5'9
Weight: Heavy from carrying the entire Jes school on my back!
Bio: I've been a bad bad girl
Keep washing my hands but they're still so filthy
Men ain't shit. #hotgirlsummer WeAreTheJes


Age: 21 years younggg
Height: Quite small but a real terrier.
Weight: 69kg (haha no really)
Bio: The turbotastic tullamore terrier will tear you to shreds if you touch her bow seat
Loves a chip after a night out.
Shifted caoimhin twice even tho she’s gay for Nuala


Age: 12
Height: 4'2
Weight: 56kg but ice creeeaam
Bio: Sure went to Sarasota for a little warm up race there. All just prep for ARCC.
Domnic Casey is gonna be so pissed if I don't win this thing. It's his main ambition in life to coach a winning ARCC crew.


Age: Questionable
Height: 6'2
Weight: 70kg
Bio: Coupe was the highlight of my life
Enjoy a good spreadsheet
Will be competing as a para rower due to being hopelessly blind
Got butchered in the first round of the ARCC 2018


Age: 18
Height: 173cm
Weight: 73kg
Bio: Was almost a school shooter. Mad for a cheeky one. Guaranteed to come out at an hours notice. Aaron Anderson is a cuck, go back to Scotland


Age: 19
Height: 6'3
Weight: 72kg
Bio: Religious: Jeremiah 15:4 “Power to weight ratio matters” Isaiah 5:17 “Ergs don’t float”




Age: 19
Height: 5'7
Weight: Much heavier than I should be
Bio: Probably the heaviest cox to ever compete at champs Calling in sick to attend the ARCC for the second year running PM for reservations to Fisheries Field for ARCC night (limited availability)




Age: 22
Weight: 79kg